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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Christmas Season in Paco Manila

Here in Paco Manila, Christmas is a kind of different feeling. People started to roaming around and the jeepney are always full of passengers. You can see Paco market with people buying things from food to shirts. Besides the Jolibee and Chowking also MCDonalds restaurant do not have empty time since people begin to eat more because they have more money at this season.

The Church is busy with students and people visiting the place. If you heard of Hypermart and Puregold in Paco just visit at the right hour because people might get you sick. Just be careful around the place and have your pocket in tight, I mean just secure your wallet from criminals.

Paco is an ordinary place to live but I am seeing a kind of different thing in the future. Lots of commercial and residential buildings are erected around the place. This is a good idea that Paco will be improved by those constructions and living may refine the aura of the place.

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